Living Lab Vietnam

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Living Lab Vietnam by Mind Map: Living Lab Vietnam

1. workshop LLab Mekong river

1.1. Partners

1.1.1. Private sector kiEMT (Arnhem) Top Sector Water KImDelta De Heus Fresh Studio Upp! UpCycling Plastic

1.1.2. Knowledge institutes Radboud Deltaplatform Lectoren IHE WACC CDI (WAgeningen)

1.1.3. Public organisations Embassy Province NGO's Both Ends Agriterra Agriprofocus WWF Vietnam Con Dao National Park

1.2. Contents

1.2.1. Lifecycle LCA River Basin Resources

1.2.2. Flood Protection / MLS

1.2.3. Building with Nature

1.2.4. Transnational Water Managment

1.2.5. Capacity Building / MSc RDM

2. workshop LLab Sustainable Island Con Dao

2.1. Partners

2.1.1. Private Sector Fresh Studio Kim Delta De Heus Upp! UpCycling Plastic kiEMT (Arnhem) Top Sector Water

2.1.2. Knowledge Institutes Vietnam National University (HCMC) WACC Can Tho University Nong Lam University Tra Vinh University Deltaplatform Lectoren

2.1.3. Public Organisations NGO's Both Ends Agriterra Agriprofocus WWF Vietnam Embassy Province Con Dao National Park

2.2. Contents

2.2.1. Building with Nature

2.2.2. Capacity Building / MSc RDM

2.2.3. Circular Economy


3.1. Topsector Water

3.2. Fonds Duurzaam Waterbeheer

3.3. Erasmus+

3.4. Nuffic OKP

3.5. EZ

3.6. Australia ?

3.7. Japan ?

3.8. Korea ?

4. Living Lab Methodology

4.1. Coomunication