Synthesising Audio Information

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Synthesising Audio Information by Mind Map: Synthesising Audio Information

1. Meaning

1.1. Synthesising

1.1.1. A process of consolidating a variety of elements

1.2. Audio

1.2.1. sound transmitted

1.3. Information

1.3.1. details or knowledge about something

2. Types of Audio Information

2.1. Sound recording

2.1.1. recording of a conversation or any sound from the environment

2.2. Music

2.2.1. vocal and instrumental sounds combined together form a music

2.3. Speech

2.3.1. a traditional method to gain knowledge

2.4. Radio broadcast

2.4.1. recorded audio sent through radio waves

3. Benefits of Synthesising Audio Information

3.1. Audience gives more focus and do understand the information

3.2. Enhancing audience listening skills

3.3. Easy way to spread information

3.4. Build interest among audience to learn more knowledge

4. Ways to store information

4.1. Compact disc

4.2. USB drive

4.3. Memory card

4.4. Tape

4.5. Hard disk

4.6. Google drive or Icloud


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