Is Examination Good or Bad For Students?

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Is Examination Good or Bad For Students? by Mind Map: Is Examination Good or Bad For Students?

1. Such as MCQ's, essay , these required high order of thinking skills.

2. Because they depend on their teacher too much in class.

3. Introduction

3.1. Definition of examinations.

3.2. Good for students.

3.3. Should not be abolished.

3.4. Diligent students study hard.

3.5. Positive Competition.

3.6. Independent Learners.

3.7. Able to train students thinking skills.

3.8. Capable to handle stress.

4. Paragraph 4

4.1. Some people say exam will lead to depression and inferiority complex.

4.2. But right amount of stress will become healthy motivation to them.

4.3. Boost them to prepare early for exam as well.

4.4. Instead of burning the midnight oil which can harm their health.

5. Paragraph 5

5.1. Some also said exam will cause student to lose their thinking skills.

5.2. But exam questions can actually train their thinking skills

6. Conclusion

6.1. Examinations are good for students .

6.2. Many benefits and help student on their educational career.

6.3. I strongly agree that examinations are good for students.

6.4. Therefore, students should have examinations with open heart and healthy attitude.

7. Paragraph 1

7.1. Students to be more diligent to get good grades.

7.2. No examinations will cause students to be lazy.

7.3. They will not excel in life if lazy.

7.4. Even very ordinary people, upon closer examination, can often look extraordinary. Holly Hunter (2018).

8. Paragraph 2

8.1. Good competitive among friends.

8.2. Increase motivation to study hard .

8.3. Students will help each other to get good result.

8.4. The Room 241(2013) Team mentioned that students may become competitive with each other for the best grades and for your recognition.

9. Paragraph 3

9.1. Students will become an independent learners.

9.2. Revise before teacher teach in class.

9.3. Get to know their strength and weakness,in order to improve in study.

9.4. Independent learning includes time management and other life skills Julie DeNeen(2013).