Joy of Learning in my classroom!

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Joy of Learning in my classroom! by Mind Map: Joy of Learning in my classroom!

1. Classroom Management Tool

1.1. Class Dojo

1.1.1. The Noise Meter helps remind students what the appropriate volume should be in the classroom at specific times.

1.1.2. Random is a student generator that helps you select a student, no popsicle sticks required. Use this student picker during a lesson or when you need a “volunteer”

1.1.3. Point Systems to reward and motivate positive & negative behaviour.

1.2. PERI HA KIts

1.2.1. Ice-cream sticks so that all pupils will have equal opportunity to participate and share their responses in class. The randomness of drawing a student’s name using this method also helps with classroom management.

2. Formative Assessment

2.1. Traffic Light Cards: Pupils use the traffic light cards to indicate their level of understanding of concepts and the alphabet (A,B,C,D) and number cards (1,2,3,4) to demonstrate their understanding in MCQ questions :)

2.2. Plickers : To test pupils' understanding in learning Idioms. Work best for both my P3 & P6 pupils.

2.3. Kahoot!: Kahoot is another form of FA that all pupils will find them both enjoyable and challenging. I made use of this tool after teaching pupils topics including idioms, grammar (nouns, adjectives and verbs) etc.

3. Love for reading

3.1. Story-telling Session: Weekly story-telling to encourage pupils to read.

3.2. To play short Malay Folklore movies in class to encourage pupils to read Malay story books.

3.3. Drama in Classroom: Pupils are grouped and tasked to act out a scene in the story. Pupils usually enjoy this as drama is about dialogue, language and interacting with others in specific “scenes” with appropriate language

4. Writing

4.1. Collaborative Writing to allow pupils to collaborate and learn from one another on how to write better. For me, I either use the PiratePad or Round table strategy for this.

4.2. Chalk Talk - Get pupil to work in groups to pen down their thoughts on a given picture. *This is great for picture description/ conversations

5. Games & Sing-Along Sessions

5.1. Ice-breaker Games (Nenek Si Bongkok 3) to promote both Teacher-Student- Relationship and Pupil-Pupil Relationship.

5.2. Charade Games to test pupils' ability to understand a words and vocab.

6. Oral Conversation Practices

6.1. Oral Companion/Audacity so that all pupils will have the chance to record their conversations based on a given video/picture or topics. I will also have the chance to listen to pupils' input at my own time as I definitely do not have enough time to listen to all recordings in class.