Economic Development Imperative

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Economic Development Imperative by Mind Map: Economic Development Imperative

1. Cash Crop

1.1. Land Use Change

1.1.1. Deforestation Loss of Ecosystem Services CO2 Loss of Forest Products

1.1.2. Agricultural Land Monocropping Lack of Subsistence Crops Lack of Biodiversity Pesticide/Fertilizer Use

1.2. Lack of Agronomic Knowledge

1.2.1. Tree health

1.2.2. Weather and Climate

1.2.3. Pruning/Spacing

1.2.4. Yields

1.2.5. Aging Trees

1.2.6. Common Pests

1.3. Lack of Access to Inputs

1.3.1. Tree Varieties

1.3.2. Financing

1.3.3. Fertilizer/Pesticide

2. Poverty

3. Land only Asset

4. Rural Agricultural Community

5. Lack of Knowledge of byproducts as cash crops

5.1. Lack of Markets for byproducts

5.1.1. Apple

5.1.2. CNSL

5.1.3. Wood

5.1.4. Gum

5.1.5. Shells