UNRAVELING RAVELRY : A social network site for knitters, crocheters, designers, spinners and dyers.

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UNRAVELING RAVELRY : A social network site for knitters, crocheters, designers, spinners and dyers. by Mind Map: UNRAVELING RAVELRY : A social network site for knitters, crocheters, designers, spinners and dyers.


1.1. Shared knowledge by the group using a variety of media: projects, patterns, resources, events, feedback, updates

1.1.1. Blog

1.1.2. Twitter

1.1.3. Facebook

1.1.4. Youtube

1.1.5. Pinterest

1.1.6. Etsy

1.1.7. Website

1.1.8. Wikis

1.1.9. Instagram


2.1. Learning & Connection Goals/ Interests

2.1.1. Members encouraged to ask questions, share progress and finished projects

2.1.2. Close knit community

2.1.3. Inspiration for and completion of craft projects

2.2. Community Growth & Investment

2.2.1. User Profile attached to all actions: personal experience for all users

2.2.2. Passionate User base with strong stakehold in community investment via their craft

2.3. Global Connections

2.3.1. Users are visible

2.3.2. Users define & strengthen the community

2.3.3. Interaction/participation built into the site


3.1. Production & Creation of Digital Tools

3.1.1. Vlogs

3.1.2. Blogs

3.1.3. Data base: Yarn/Patterns

3.1.4. Comments & Questions

3.1.5. Images

3.2. Production & Creation of Media, Knowledge & Cultural Content

3.2.1. Project Page: Users Upload project pictures, patterns

3.2.2. 'This week in Ravelry': online newsletter

3.3. Tools and Functions

3.3.1. Newbie Knitsters & Beginner Spinners: Use the the expertise of the community produced in 'how to'wikis, forums, blogs & external links to learn the practice

3.3.2. All participants can produce content

3.3.3. Variety of methods

3.3.4. All participants supported

3.4. Technology Information Exchange

3.4.1. Contruction of Ravlelry website at epicentre

3.4.2. Maintenance

3.4.3. Site Forum

3.4.4. Links to Code Monkey Island

3.5. External Links

3.5.1. Support nearby communities as nodes

3.5.2. Members broker new nodes


4.1. Information

4.1.1. Website is a giant discussion board of the total knowledge shared by the group

4.2. Micro Business

4.2.1. Member's stores sell patterns

4.2.2. Yarntrepeneurs

4.3. Mentorship

4.3.1. Learners become teachers

4.3.2. Moderators act as leaders and experts to answer questions

4.4. Interests

4.4.1. Knitting, Craft, Politics Pussy Hats

4.5. Social

4.5.1. Friendships: child rearing, grief

4.6. Volunteer Army

4.6.1. Information is managed, comprehensive, organised & cross referenced

4.6.2. Teams of volunteer editors create forums, moderated by more volunteers

4.7. Safe Envionment

4.7.1. Stringic moderation, support for existing members

4.7.2. Support for new members

4.7.3. Beyond the model 'Plus Sized' projects shared to celebrate and support other users

4.8. Groups:

4.8.1. 7 million users/9000 separate groups

4.8.2. Share discussion threads

4.8.3. Share project pictures

4.8.4. Links to blogs:

4.8.5. Users connected by geographical location, tagging, interests, knit alongs


5.1. Contribution is not forced but inspired

5.2. 'One Day' users sit comfortably alongside every day users

5.3. STASH: User interest in maintaining individual inventory of their equipment

5.4. USER LIBRARY: Individual resources v's group resources that can be shared, donated or sold

5.5. FAVORITES: appreciation for others work/ mark future projects

5.6. QUEUE: Future projects maintain interest/commitment


6.1. Sharing of Projects

6.1.1. Projects made for celebration, feedback

6.1.2. Satisfaction with project

6.1.3. Issues or problems with project

6.1.4. Pattern advice & modifications

6.1.5. Knowledge of project experiences, opinions

6.1.6. Site built carefully & intimately by participants

6.2. Novice v's Expert

6.2.1. Thursday Tips: learn something new in small steps

6.2.2. Advanced Practitioners

6.2.3. Novice v's complex techniques, patterns, designs

6.3. Innovative Practice

6.3.1. New Methods

6.3.2. New Techniques

6.3.3. Inspiration for the whole community

6.3.4. Whole community benefits