Role of Violence

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Role of Violence by Mind Map: Role of Violence

1. Cicero takes a gang up to the capitoline hill and destroys a tablet listing Clodius' accomplishments

2. Clodius using violence via the people and street gangs

2.1. Violence first seen during Cicero's trail when the people would follow Cicero home and harassing him. Made Cicero "fear for his life"

2.2. Harassed Pompey as he tried to get Cicero back into Rome

2.2.1. This led to Pompey using armed guards to protect himself as he didn't feel safe leaving his home

2.3. Cludious essentially seized control of the government at this point

2.4. Clodius attacked the workers with gangs whilst they were rebuilding Cicero's home

2.4.1. Also attacked Cicero's brothers home, and set it on fire

2.4.2. Attacked Cicero

2.5. Fought against Milo's street gangs

2.6. Bribed/threatened his way to a 'not guilty verdict' after being accused by Milo of inciting violence

2.6.1. Chanted down/spat at Pompey, then got into a fight with Milo's gang at the hearing

2.7. Distributed public business in order to get election called off (helping Pompey, Caesar and Crassus)

2.8. Threatened to have the senate house burned down

2.9. Used gangs again to make sure the year Milo was running for consul there wouldn't be an election.

2.9.1. Threw Rome into anarchy

2.9.2. Deaths every day and bodies left in the streets

2.9.3. Public business halted completely

2.10. Cloudius after being killed, the people burned down the senate house. Happy funeral Clodius

3. Cicero

4. Elections

4.1. Postponed due to violence several times

4.2. Clodius elected aedile

4.3. Caesar's off duty troops or 'private citizens flooded the city right before the elections

4.4. Crassus's and Pompey's supporters attacked and killed some of the optimises on the Election Day.

4.5. Armed thugs threatening voters in order to have their candidates elected and their enemies not.

4.5.1. Example of this being Cato, who didn't get elected

4.6. Fight between the optimises and populares after election.

5. Milo

5.1. Another tribune named Milo had raised his own street gang as a result of the success of Clodius' gangs

5.2. Publicly threatened to murder Clodius and vice versa

5.3. Fought against Clodius' street gangs

5.4. Killed Clodius via his gang whilst passing him on his way out of Rome

6. Crassus

6.1. Sponsering Clodius and his street gang

6.2. He wanted to help dismantle Pompey and in his effort to do so, put the Triumvirate at great strain

6.3. Pompey thought Crassus would attempt to assassinate him

7. Pompey

7.1. As a result of elections being delayed and Rome being in disarray Pompey became 'sole consul'

7.1.1. Completely illegal due to him being consul only 3 years earlier

7.1.2. Never only one consul. Was dictator without being called it

7.2. Granted 'Senatus Consultus Ultimum'

7.3. Armed guards patrolled Rome to stop gang violence

7.3.1. Rome was under military occupation