What is Family?

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What is Family? by Mind Map: What is Family?

1. can families be broken?

1.1. why doesn't everyone live with their families?

2. What makes a family?

2.1. distance/proximity

2.1.1. where does my family live?

2.2. genetics/birth

2.2.1. do I have a birth story?

2.2.2. adoption?

2.3. communication

2.3.1. teamwork do families have a leader? what does teamwork look like?

2.4. children

2.4.1. parents?

2.5. love

2.5.1. feelings is it okay not to like your family?

2.5.2. what is love?

3. Are pets family?

3.1. What makes a pet a pet?

3.2. animals

3.2.1. do animals have families? where do animal families live? observe animals look for animal homes do animals love their families?

4. Does distance change families?

4.1. where is my family from?

4.2. where do people in my family live?

5. Does family have culture?

5.1. traditions

5.2. gatherings

5.3. celebrations

5.3.1. birthdays

5.4. what is your ancestry

5.4.1. Eurpoean

5.4.2. Africain

5.4.3. Asian

5.4.4. First Nations

5.4.5. Indian

6. Why are families different?

7. Can friends be family?

8. Does a family need a home?

8.1. condominium

8.2. what kind of place do you live in?

8.2.1. apartment building

8.2.2. house

8.2.3. duplex

8.2.4. triplex

8.2.5. temporary housing

8.3. what makes a house a home?

8.3.1. what does a home look like? draw/design/create it blueprints picture

8.3.2. people? who do you live with?

8.3.3. things?

8.3.4. community/neighborhood?

8.4. does every family have a home?

8.4.1. if not why not?

8.4.2. what would it be like to not have a home?

8.4.3. build it varied materials tool use visit a construction site have a contractor visit habitat for humanity

9. Where do I fit in my family?

9.1. parents

9.2. siblings

9.3. extended family

9.4. adoption

10. What does a family do?

10.1. vacation

10.2. trips

11. How do families change?