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PNV by Mind Map: PNV

1. Environmental/Sustainability

1.1. small bio-digester for all the poop in babies nappies

1.2. water harvesting

1.3. box with a couple of fold out solar panels that you can keep in your garden

1.4. Solar cooker

2. clothing

2.1. some kind of pointy glove that temporarily velcos around the wrist and is removed once the hand is through could work well.

2.2. frozen bras

2.3. what about a sports bra with an inside zip just big enough to hold a ring

2.4. product that keeps your sleeves in place

2.5. EMS Body Suit or ‘Glove’

3. checklist?

4. Service businesses

4.1. e-commerce solutions to companies wanting to sell online

4.2. Rent video games for a monthly fee

4.3. company that advices customers on Wallmart compliance

4.4. develop a 3000sqm property in Camps Bay

4.5. Pet Day Care Centres

5. retail

5.1. flat packer kings

5.2. importing custom 3D glasses

5.3. pre-fab housing/ building methods

5.4. Blender Bottle

6. cosmetics

6.1. foot specific soap