The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer & The Lottery

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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer & The Lottery by Mind Map: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer & The Lottery

1. Characters

1.1. Tessie

1.1.1. Lucky Wins the lottery within her village

1.1.2. Innocent Dies after winning the lottery because she gets stones thrown at her from her village

1.2. Mr Summers

1.2.1. Leader He leads/runs the lottery event that happens within the community

1.3. Warner

1.3.1. Self Involved Oldest person to witness every lottery event since, and does not want it to change

1.4. Bill

1.4.1. Heart broken His wife Tessie got killed from getting stoned within the village from winning the lottery

2. Plot

2.1. Rising action

2.1.1. Tessie won the lottery

2.2. Climax

2.2.1. Tessie does from getting stoned from the village people

2.3. Falling action

2.3.1. Tessie is dead

3. Theme

3.1. Not everything you do is always the best way to go

3.1.1. When Tessie won the lottery she ended up dying because of it

4. Setting

4.1. At the village

4.1.1. Outside where the lottery event was being held

5. Characters

5.1. Mara Dyer

5.1.1. Protagonist she can save people

5.1.2. Antagonist she also is doing the killing at the same time

5.2. Noah Shaw

5.3. Jude

6. Setting

6.1. Miami, Florida

7. Plot

7.1. Rising action

7.1.1. When Mara went into a random forest with Noah to save her younger brother because she had a vision of him being kidnapped

7.2. Climax

7.2.1. When she found in passes out in the forest

7.3. Falling action

7.3.1. She took in back so he could get warm and be in a safer environment so he could wake up

8. Theme

8.1. Don't judge people on how they look on the outside because you don't know what they're like on the inside

9. Conflict

9.1. Human vs Human

9.1.1. Huma vs the world

10. Conflict

10.1. Human vs Human