Corporate Governance Content

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Corporate Governance Content by Mind Map: Corporate Governance Content

1. Bodies

1.1. Monoistic CG-structure

1.1.1. Supervisory Board

1.1.2. Executive Board

1.2. Dualistic CG-structure

1.2.1. Board of directors

1.3. Commitees

1.3.1. audit committees

1.3.2. remuneration com.

1.3.3. can be created for all purposes

2. Legal institutions

2.1. Inside the firm

2.1.1. corporate contracts statutes

2.1.2. bylaws

2.2. From the state

2.2.1. Legal framework Constitution Specific law regarding constitution of company e.g. stock corporation act Participation law Law on modus operandi e.g. law on management remuneration

2.2.2. Corporate Governance Codex code-specific characteristics Germany UK USA Netherlands OECD

3. Underlying Theories

3.1. Principal-Agent-Theory

3.1.1. Managers act in their interest, but not in the owner's (shareholder) one

3.2. Stakeholder Theor

3.3. Transaction cost economics

3.4. Stewardship Theory

3.5. Class Hegemony

3.5.1. elite recruits itself

3.5.2. from management to supervisory board

3.6. Managerial hegemony

4. "Soft determinants"

4.1. Business principles

4.1.1. Mission

4.1.2. Vision

4.1.3. Values Integrity Physical Organizational P

4.2. Business conduct

4.3. Compliance

4.3.1. to stick to the rules

4.3.2. tools rules and regulations Control Internal Audit External Audit

4.3.3. rules compulsary legislation voluntary regulations e.g. corp gov codi internal company regulations statutes

4.3.4. non-compliance monetary costs, e.g. penalties non-monetary cost, e.g. loss of reputation

5. Functions

5.1. Transparency

5.1.1. Objective Inform shareholders and public

5.1.2. Disclosure financial data "Narratives" about business riks future plans relationship with stakeholders info on sustainability and CSR

5.2. Reporting

5.3. Risk Management