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1. Traditional Food

1.1. Braised easter lamb

1.2. Easter roast

1.3. Spreads of eggs

1.4. Milk bread with ham and horseradish

1.5. Minced roast with ham

1.6. Easter spread with eggs

1.7. Minced roast filled with egg

1.8. Egg salad

1.9. Cakes

1.9.1. Easter Lamb cake

1.9.2. Easter milk bread

1.9.3. Biscuit egg

1.9.4. Easter pinze

1.10. Drinks

1.10.1. Easter egg cocktail

1.10.2. Rainbow punch

1.10.3. Golden Easter punch

2. Religion

2.1. Resurrection and rebirth of Jesus

2.2. Prayers and hymns in assemblye

2.3. Jesus is the Lamb of God

3. The meaning of the colours

3.1. Red symbolises the self-sacrifice death of Jesus

3.2. Yellow stand for the enlightenment and wisdom

3.3. White is the colour of pureness

3.4. Green stand for youth and innocence

3.5. Orange means force, endurance and ambition

4. Idioms

4.1. To look like a rabbit caught in the headlights= to look very shocked and worried

4.2. Don't put all your eggs in one basket= don't invest everything in one thing

4.3. To walk on egg shells= to be careful not to upset/anger someone

4.4. To teach your grandmother to suck eggs= to teach sb to do sth they already know

4.5. To egg somebody on= to encourage sb to do sth bad

5. Spring

5.1. Flowers

5.2. Swallows

5.3. Picnic

5.4. Walking

5.5. Colours

6. Bunny

6.1. run fast

6.2. jump

6.3. long ears

7. Egg

7.1. Easter egg Hunt

7.2. Chocolate

7.3. Life

7.4. Painted

7.4.1. Dyed

7.4.2. Decorated