WBS: Cars For Critters

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WBS: Cars For Critters by Mind Map: WBS: Cars For Critters

1. FUNDRAISING (Justin-59)

1.1. Develop Budget (Jonathan-4)

1.2. Crowd Funding (Keisha-10)

1.2.1. Set up Go Fund Me (Keisha-5)

1.2.2. Set up YouCaring (Keisha-5)

1.3. Ticket Raffle for Adoption fees (Justin-6)

1.3.1. Sell tickets for raffle (Justin-1)

1.3.2. Get tickets (Carly-1)

1.3.3. Set up collection jar during event (Justin- 1)

1.3.4. Get Ticket Container (Carly-1)

1.3.5. Get gaming license if necessary (Keisha-2)

1.4. Sponsors (Justin-3)

1.4.1. Find sponsors who will donate prizes (Justin-2)

1.4.2. Find sponsors who will donate adoption fees (Justin-1)

1.5. On Campus (Justin-20)

1.5.1. Drop off collection box (Justin & Keisha-10)

1.5.2. Pick up collection box (Keisha &Justin-10)

1.6. At Work (Keisha-16)

1.6.1. Drop off collection box (Keisha-8)

1.6.2. Pick up collection box (Keisha-8)

2. CAR SHOW (Jonathan-37)

2.1. Participation (Jonathan-11)

2.1.1. Develop Show Schedule (Jonathan-3) Campus (Keisha-4) post to Campus bulletin (Keisha-2) advertise in the Campus newspaper (Keisha-2)

2.1.2. Contact car enthusiasts (Jonathan & Keisha-8)

2.1.3. Develop Show Schedule (Jonathan-3)

2.2. Parking Layout (Justin-2)

2.2.1. Designate Participant Parking (Justin-1)

2.2.2. Designate Spectator Parking (Justin-1)

2.3. Contact Police Department (Keisha-2)

2.4. Equipment (Muntasir-10)

2.4.1. Get Traffic Cones (Muntasir-2)

2.4.2. Get Directional Signs (Muntasir-2)

2.4.3. Get Event Tent (Muntasir-2 )

2.4.4. Get Tables (Muntasir-2)

2.4.5. Get Chairs(Muntasir-2)

2.5. Liability Waiver (Jonathan-1)

2.6. Get Volunteers (Justin-8)

2.6.1. Clean Up carshow event (Keisha, Justin,Carly, Muntasir, Jonathan-2)

2.6.2. Set up carshow event (Keisha, Justin,Carly, Muntasir, Jonathan-2)

2.6.3. Tend to stations during carshow (Keisha, Justin,Carly, Muntasir, Jonathan-4)

3. MARKETING (Carly-46)

3.1. Flyers (Jonathan- 5)

3.1.1. Create Digital flyer (Jonathan-4)

3.1.2. Design and print paper flyers (Carly-1)

3.2. Radio (Jonathan & Keisha-5)

3.3. Social Media Posts (Carly-17)

3.3.1. Create YouTube Video (Channel: FS Garage) (Jonathan-5)

3.3.2. Snap Chat, IG, FB and Twitter (Carly-12)

3.4. Televison (Keisha-5)

3.4.1. promote on local news channels (Keisha-5)

3.5. Print (Muntasir-10)

3.5.1. advertise in local magazines (Keisha-5)

3.5.2. advertise in local papers (Muntasir-5)

4. Adoption (Muntasir-8)

4.1. Increase adoption applications by 10% per month (Justin-4)

4.1.1. Set up animal play areas (Justin) - 1 hour

4.1.2. Schedule walk through to visit animals (Justin) - 3 hour

4.2. Contact Humane Society of Wicomico (Keisha-4)

5. Vendors (Keisha-9)

5.1. Acquire 2-5 Food Trucks (Keisha-3)

5.2. Find a DJ (Justin-1)

5.3. Find Pet Supply Vendor (Keisha-3)

5.4. Find Event Photographer (Justin- 2)