Ideally Educated Person

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Ideally Educated Person by Mind Map: Ideally Educated Person

1. Greek Philosophers

1.1. Socrates

1.1.1. The critic who helps others see their own mistakes.

1.2. Aristotle

1.2.1. Rational Mind - Father of the Scientific Method Education Of Rulers over Citizens

1.3. Plato

1.3.1. All-Wise Philosopher king

2. Christianity

2.1. Augustine

2.1.1. Divine Illumination - Choose Between City of Man, or City of God

2.2. Thomas Aquinas

2.2.1. Reconsile Greek thought with Christian Doctrine. Father of the Catholic Church.

2.3. Erasmus

2.3.1. Challenging Religious Athority, Blended Faith with Scientific Method.

3. Renaissance

3.1. John Locke

3.1.1. Educated Elite who governed the Natural Rights of all. Life, Liberty, property.

3.2. Rousseau

3.2.1. Education should be in line with Nature. People are Natutally good.

3.3. Macaulay

3.3.1. Promotes Education for Females. Gender Equality, and reeducation to eliminate biases.

4. Age of Enlightenment

4.1. Horace Mann

4.1.1. Public Schooling for all (almost). 3 R's.

4.2. John Dewey

4.2.1. "new education" grounded in Experience.

4.3. Paulo Freire

4.3.1. Problem solving aproach to education.