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Hitler’s 6 main aims by Mind Map: Hitler’s 6 main aims

1. Racial Purity

1.1. All non-Aryan people would be sent away or killed.

1.2. Non-Nazi people would be improsined or killed

2. Loyalty

2.1. Propaganda would wins Germans over to Nazi ways of thinking

2.2. All (Armed forces,government and organisation) would be loyal to Hitler

2.3. Terror, would deal with anyone who opposed the Regime

3. Economic Strength

3.1. Build Germany's Industries ready for war

3.2. Nazis would get jobs and recover Germany from great depression

4. Greater Germany

4.1. Germany would win back the land they lost

4.2. Giant empire in Eastern Europe where pure Aryan would live

5. National Community

5.1. All Germans put the needs of Germany above anything else (Priorities)

6. Military Strength

6.1. War to make Germany strong

6.2. The armed forces would be built up

6.3. The Nazis would destroy USSR and all who believe in communisim