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Productivity by Mind Map: Productivity

1. Easier to operate heavy machines on gentle or flat relief than on steep relief

2. social

2.1. Land fragmentation

2.1.1. Land divided into smaller plots

2.2. Land tenure

2.2.1. usually in LDCs

2.2.2. Farmers pay money for this land

2.2.3. They want to work for their own instead of the government

3. Physical

3.1. Relief

3.1.1. Physical height and slope Easier for farmers to transport Machines reduces the need for labour per unit area Leads to higher productivity

3.2. climate

3.2.1. Atmospheric conditions high temperature and rainfall Better condition for plant growth More successful crops grown in a year

3.3. Soil

3.3.1. Nutrients in siol Usually found in floodplains Found in River Deltas Found in areas surrounding volcanoes

4. Economic

4.1. Capital

4.1.1. Sum of money

4.1.2. machines

4.1.3. equipment

4.2. Demand

4.2.1. a high demand for food encourage food producers to increase their output & productivity earn more money by selling

5. Political

5.1. Government Factors

5.1.1. Government decides on resources

5.1.2. Land and money are used to develop the countries better

5.1.3. Government can choose the number of labourers

5.1.4. Government can also affect the productivity on a regional level

5.1.5. Government encourages greater productivity by building new farming facilities or by providing loans and subsidies to farmers

6. Technological

6.1. Efforts were made to increas food production to keep up with the rapid population growth

6.2. Some technologies introduces to the farmers in LDCs including high-yielding varieties irrigation methods

7. New node