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Cicero by Mind Map: Cicero

1. De Officiis

1.1. Themes/Vocab

1.1.1. Good and Useful

1.1.2. Contemplative vs. Active Life

1.1.3. Priority of Sciences

1.1.4. Natural Law


1.2. Divisio

1.2.1. Honestas Personal note He's writing for his son to be equipped with practical precepts and principles of philosophy - most useful of which is duty. Is this action Honestas or Not? Sharpening Notion of Duty Instincts leading to 4 Virtues and Duties Four Cardinal Virtues Justice and Injustice, Kindness, Fortitude, Temperance Subordinate Appetites to Reason Given two Honestas Actions, which is better? Justice is Superior to Wisdom

1.2.2. Utilitas Is this action Honestas or not? Why I devoted myself to philosophy Kinds of Useful Things Classification of Expedients and Inexpedients Glory and How to Obtain It Kindness and Generosity Service to the State When there are many utile, which is most utile? Compare physical with outward advantages (i.e. health or wealth) Compare outward vs. outward (E.g. Glory vs. Riches

1.2.3. Conflict? Preface: Scipio vs. Cicero's studying and admonition to his son Marcus Cicero IS THERE EVER A CONFLICT? NOT with Perfect Duties BECAUSE to take from your neighbor and profit from his loss (INJUSTICE) is more contrary to nature than death or poverty or anything else. The doubt arises only because certain cases where what was morally wrong (e.g. killing) ceases to be morally wrong, like when you kill a tyrant. Defense of Panentius: No Conflict Case Study on Deception Overpriced at Rhodes, Selling Unsanitary House 5 ARGUMENTS Other arguments Suppose you could snap your fingers to steal money. Good man wouldn't. Not even when the prise is great Promise Keeping Oaths (E.g. Regalus) Cannot violate temperance for the expedient

1.3. Q & A

1.3.1. Compare Aristotle and Cicero's Notion of Virtue/Justice Aristotle's admits of a mean, Cicero does not view it as a mean but just an activity that makes the agent better.