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Thesis Statement # 2 by Mind Map: Thesis Statement # 2
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Thesis Statement # 2

1. Theology has a place in Catholic universities.

wisdom proper to the life of a believer

a direct engagement with the resources of the thinking faith

Catholic faith liberates the university from the dark valley where the revelation of light does not shine

The university needs revelation

The centrality of Christ (supreme truth) gives Catholic universities an invaluable resource for overcoming the intellectual fragmentation that besets most universities today

2. There is a dialectical relationship between philosophy and theology, but unlike theology, Theology presupposes faith, not just reason.

usually segmented into mutually exclusive portions

philosophers usually believe that God is meaningless, while it is not unusual for many theologians to believe that faith is sufficient and reason merely pervers

Philosophy concerns itself with a search for truth

Theology also concerns itself with a search for truth; however, it presupposes a belief in God which is the foreground and background of all inquiries

We are faced with the requirement that we think

3. Thus, theology uses the voice of reason and faith.

fides quorens intellectum