Universal Music Group

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Universal Music Group by Mind Map: Universal Music Group

1. Product And Artist Devolpment

1.1. Helps Develop An Artist

1.2. Responsible For Releasing Product

1.3. Makes Sure New Artists Keep Coming In.

1.4. Gets Artists On Billboards And In Interviews

1.5. Keeps Things In Tact For Their Entire Career.

2. A And R

2.1. Signs Them Onto Their Labels

2.2. Goes Out & Finds New Artist.

2.3. Gets A Percentage Of Their Makings

2.4. Repertoire Makes Sure Artist Has Great Talent.

2.5. Gets The Artist Publicity

3. Promotion

3.1. Makes Sure The Artist Is Seen Or Heard

3.2. Promotes Their New Music

3.3. Promotes Each Artist

3.4. Keeps Social Media Updated

3.5. Continues To Keep Fans Interested.

4. Label

4.1. Serves As A Link Between The Distribution And The Record Company.

4.2. Promotes The Artists Image

4.3. Distributes The Artist

4.4. Helps Show Their Talent

4.5. Keeps Everything Positive

5. Publicity

5.1. In Charge Of Getting The Word Out.

5.2. Gets Scoop On All The Artists

5.3. Helps Get Artists On Magazines \Social Media

5.4. Keeps Fans Updated On All Things New

5.5. Responsible On Keeping Everything Positive