Chair Design

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Chair Design by Mind Map: Chair Design

1. Ergonomics

1.1. What makes a chair ergonomic?

1.1.1. Uncomfortable

1.1.2. Solutions Support Lumbar Back Arm Spin Customize-able

1.2. What kind of support does it have?

1.2.1. Problems

1.2.2. Solutions Allow for adjustable back Adjustable arms Adjust height Suitable for most people

1.3. What doesn't make a chair ergonomic?

1.3.1. Problems Designed for one type of person

1.3.2. Solutions Allow for adjustable motions Provide a ideal fit for multiple people

1.3.3. Uncomfortable

2. Construction

2.1. What materials?

2.1.1. Problems Weak materials Lack of materials Problem Where to find them

2.1.2. Solution Use high quality materials Search for an expert Sme Ask a knowledgeable person

2.2. How do you build it?

2.2.1. Problems Wrong/different materials contact a person experienced work backwards/ find where what went wrong

2.2.2. Solution cutless draw/plan out design

3. Aesthetics