EDUG 845

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EDUG 845 by Mind Map: EDUG 845

1. Timelines

2. Mapping

2.1. Schedule a meeting with an SME that has some sort of visual aid (such as a whiteboard)

2.1.1. Identify the goal with the SME and how you'll measure success along with the actions/behavior it takes to reach that goal Along with critical people/components that are involved in the meeting/course, I would identify ways to reach that goal or actions/steps to take to achieve it Write down/brainstorm practice activities in which lead toward the goal

2.2. What is the first step or why schedule a meeting?

2.2.1. Even with the goal identified, how would one come across the steps needed to achieve that goal? Is the goal even necessary? With ways that are identified, how can we measure that each step is critical/efficient/beneficial in achieving the goal? How do we know that these practices and activities are going to work? What research or proof do we have to support this?

3. Lecture

4. Presentation

4.1. What can we present/propose?

4.1.1. A blended learning solution with various learning elements combined Design a hybrid course model like type of class that meets face to face (and discuss important details) and online assessments/assignments (to assess learning ability of students). To be discussed with the professor, the face to face method and what should be included for his course. Then, the rest of the assignments/assessments can be discussed for what should be online for learners to do.

4.1.2. A method to fully integrate a face to face class into a fully online course A way to take what a professor/teacher has integrated into a face to face learning environment and transform it into a fully online experience for everyone A full breakdown of a course into an online experience when discussed with the professor/teacher. I would utilize an LMS such as Canvas to better present or showcase the demo

4.1.3. A way to enhance what a professor/teacher may be lacking in for learners Maybe the professor/teacher is lacking in providing resources to students that may need extra help? A way to gather resources or search educational resources to use, but also a way to post these links, videos, or articles to a one stop shop for everyone to utilize

4.1.4. A better way of doing assignments An integration of a web tool in which creates a better and more engaging learning experience for everyone Maybe quizlet? Look into others or utilize the LMS tools to create a more engaging assessments

5. Discussions

5.1. What can we present as discussion options?

5.1.1. Face to Face discussions Why is this good/bad? Everyone can see everyone, you can hear and respond back in real time, you can setup a system for everyone to discuss or take turns (in a circle, alphabetically, etc), and you get to see the emotion (if any) behind a persons words

5.1.2. Online forum discussions Why is this good/bad? Gives people more time to think about what they want to say, don't necessarily always see a person (sometimes could just be a text response/discussion), can't put face to the profile/words, people can look up answers to questions

5.1.3. No discussions What is the point? No discussion gives more time for people to focus on assignments, allows people to think, process, and truly learn on there own, won't have or read a perspective that may change there thought process on topics, assignments and more

5.1.4. Mix of both discussion types, hybrid (f2f & online) Why can this be better? Incorporates best of both worlds from online and face to face discussions, allows people to learn more from others, allows more access to discussions

6. My Design

6.1. What type of content am I teaching?

6.1.1. Continents? Cultural aspects of each country? Society in that specific place? If so, what place? How will I explain or teach the continents to students? How will I go about specific places and gather more material/info for them? Go about seven continents and find resources for them (articles, kid/educational videos) and enhance on that content found. Then, find assessments or memory based games that will enable students to practice the material learned

6.2. What resources or tools can I use to teach/present this content to my audience?

6.2.1. H5P, Tedtalks, TedEd, Google VR, look up more geography resources Learn what type of delivery method first (Online or Face to Face) before deciding on tools/resources If doing face to face = H5P, TedEd, Google VR. If doing Online = Memory based geography games, online assessments or tests

6.3. Should my design consist of content they could do face to face or online activities?

6.3.1. Face to Face = Lecturing can be prezi or H5P or presentations in any way. Online activities or assignments can be memory based games, quiz like tests/questions on material learned Face to Face = Has to have concise material, there is a time limit on teaching since 45-50mins is total. Online assessments/assignments can vary, but in class activities are also timed (Maybe 25mins) Plan out material according to the timing of the course and make sure the pacing is well suited for both