Principles of Designing a chair

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Ergonomics by Mind Map: Ergonomics

1. Seat Height Range

1.1. Determine if any seat height requirement is needed for the users who need the chair

2. Aesthetics

2.1. Color

2.1.1. Does the color of the chair need to be specific in order to match anything or is this unnecessary?

2.2. Comfortability

2.2.1. How comfortable should the chair be for the user and its usage?

3. Construction

3.1. Adjust-ability

3.1.1. Do you need to make the chair adjustable for anyone?

3.2. Back-rest

3.2.1. Should there be a back rest on the chair or is this more of a throne (drummer chair)?

3.3. Seat Depth

3.3.1. How low or how high should the chair be for the user and its usage?

3.4. Stability

3.4.1. Should the chair be stable or flexible for the usage/user?

3.5. Material

3.5.1. Determine the material for the chair, fabric, wood, plywood?

4. Size

4.1. Make sure size relates to what your using the chair for

5. Suitable Uses (everyday activities)

5.1. Find a way to connect the chair with your everyday activity