Ch. 16: Promotion

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Ch. 16: Promotion by Mind Map: Ch. 16: Promotion

1. Promotion

1.1. consists of all the techniques sellers use to motivate people to buy their product/service

1.2. promotional mix

1.2.1. combination of promotional tools an organization uses

1.3. Integrated marketing communication (IMC)

1.3.1. combines the promotional tools into 1 comprehensive, unified strategy

2. Advertising

2.1. paid, nonpersonal communication thru various media by firms who are in some way identified in the message

2.2. TV advertising

2.3. Product placement

2.3.1. putting products into TV shows, movies, & other media where they will be seen

2.4. Infomercials

2.4.1. full-length TV program devoted exclusively to promoting goods & services

2.5. Online advertising

2.5.1. interactive promotion dialog based where buyers & sellers work together to create mutually beneficial exchanges

2.6. Social media

2.6.1. Facebook can track & test user reactions to products

2.7. Global advertising

2.7.1. involves developing a single product & promotion strategy it can implement worldwide

3. Personal Selling

3.1. face-to-face presentation & promotion of goods & services.

3.2. Steps in selling process:

3.2.1. prospect & qualify prospecting is researching potential buyers qualifying refers to selecting the most likely to buy

3.2.2. preapproach learn as much as possible about your prospects

3.2.3. approach calling on prospect for 1st time

3.2.4. make presentation

3.2.5. answer objections

3.2.6. close the sale

3.2.7. follow up

3.3. B2C selling process

3.3.1. approach

3.3.2. ask questions

3.3.3. make presentations

3.3.4. close sale

3.3.5. follow-up

4. Public Relations (PR)

4.1. is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics

4.2. 3 steps in PR program:

4.2.1. listen to the public

4.2.2. change policies & procedures

4.2.3. inform people you're responsive to their needs

4.3. Publicity

5. Sales Promotion

5.1. promotional tool that stimulates consumer purchasing by means of short-term activities

5.2. Tools

5.2.1. sampling

5.2.2. event marketing

6. Word of Mouth

6.1. people telling other people about products they've purchased

6.2. viral marketing

6.3. blogging

6.4. podcasting

6.5. e-mail promotions

6.6. mobile marketing

7. Managing the Promotional Mix

7.1. Strategies:

7.1.1. push targeted toward wholesalers & retailers

7.1.2. pull targeted toward end consumer