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1. Current Assets

1.1. Mailing List

1.1.1. Condition?

1.2. Traffic Online

1.3. Traffic Offline

1.4. JVs

1.5. Testimonials

1.5.1. Written

1.5.2. Video

1.6. Past WINS

2. Position Statement

2.1. For: (T.Pop)

2.2. Who (Have the following problem)

2.3. Our service is a (Describe service)

2.4. That provides (Cite the breakthrough capability

2.5. Unlike (Competition)

2.6. Our Solution (Describe the point of differentiation)

2.7. BCMG P.O. (What is our Ultimate CTA)

2.7.1. Main Message

3. Intake

3.1. Budget

3.2. Your Business

3.2.1. What you sell Price Benefits Profit

3.2.2. How do you sell it? Marketing Selling

3.2.3. Going Deeper PO Needs and Problems TPOP Dominant Buying Motive Buying Cycle

3.2.4. What Works? Campaigns Marketing Materials Advertising

3.2.5. What Doesn't What used to work but doesn't any longer? Tactics Campaigns

3.2.6. Magic Wand Question

4. MasterMind

4.1. Phase 1

4.1.1. Generate Online Social Media Social Bookmarking Blogging Email Marketing Content Marketing Public Relations Surveys Trials Webinars Viral Campaigns Referral Campaigns Make Enemies Advertising Create an Award Ad swaps Offline Direct Mail Marketing Materials Joint-Ventures TollFREE Pre-Recorded HOTLines Events Telemarketing Referral Campaigns Advertising Demo / Sampling Interview

4.1.2. Capture AMD Tactics AME Budget Tactics Squeeze Page Purchase Domains LiveHelp

4.1.3. Qualify Budget Tactics IWP Telemarketing Lead Scoring <a> ROI Worksheet DM FAX SMS Voice Broadcast <i>

4.1.4. Convert Presentation Manuals PowerPoint Presentations Sales Conversion Training Sales Mastery Training Puzzle Piece Telemarketing <a> FAQ Salespage Order Form Social Proof Testimonials Video Written Case Study Famous Testimonials Risk Reversal MBG FREE Trial Cancel Any Time 1st Day of event Use for time Double your money back Do work for FREE if we fail Speciality Services Work Review Pricing Issues Product ladder FAQ

4.1.5. Nurture Budget Tactics Re-activation Campaign Postcards Thank you Letters Birthday Cards Online Newsletters Kick In The Butt Service PHN Tips and Tricks