Applying Theoretical Perspective to Curriculum Content

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Applying Theoretical Perspective to Curriculum Content by Mind Map: Applying Theoretical Perspective to Curriculum Content

1. Behaviorist Perspective

1.1. B.F. Skinner

1.2. Nurture

1.3. learning based on stimuli, responses and reinforcements

1.4. language is taught

1.5. operant conditioning

1.6. Imitative speech

2. Nativist Perspective

2.1. Noam Chomsky

2.2. Nature

2.3. Innate or inborn capabilities responsible for language development

2.4. Syntactic knowledge

2.5. Universal grammar

2.6. language is instinctive

2.7. inborn mechanism for learning: Language acquisition device

3. Cognitive Developmentalist Perspective

3.1. Jean Piaget

3.2. Nature

3.3. language is developed as maturation occurs and cognitive competencies develop

3.4. a prerequisite and foundation for language learning

3.5. uses same mechanisms for other learning as well

3.6. Object permanence is a precursor to language

3.7. signs and symbols

3.8. second stage is preoperational stage: represents the world with words, images and drawings

4. Interactionist Perspective

4.1. Vygotsky

4.2. Nurture

4.3. sociocultural interaction

4.4. children acquire language through interactions

4.5. focuses on language as a process not a product of development

4.6. Language acquisition support system