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Intelligence by Mind Map: Intelligence
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Definition - the ability to process information quickly and adapt to new situations.

Components of Intelligence

neurological efficiency, a person's ability to process information quickly

adaptive, intelligent individuals are able to adapt to new situations

culture, varying cultures value different aspects of intelligence

prior knowledge / experience, the more experience an individual has, the more quickly they will be able to process information

environment, children raised in stimulated homes are believed to have higher IQs

Critiques about the concept of intelligence

Traditional IQ tests

measurement: many feel IQ tests measure abilities associated with school achievement instead of true intelligent abilities

context: the use of IQ tests has been debated as they used to be the sole means for identifying special education students

culture: IQ tests measure abilities that are valued only in the mainstream American culture

practice: priority has been placed on current IQ instead of increasing development

Gardner's multiple intelligences

many educators esteem Gardner's theory, but his view is discredited by many psychologists

How children acquire intelligence


Home Life / Parenting Practices, research suggests children who are read to frequently have higher reading achievement

Early Nutrition, severe malnutrition can negatively affect neurological development

Toxic Substances, children exposed to toxic substances can have a negative neurological impact

Early Intervention, at-risk children who are exposed to preschool programs have long term cognitive benefits

Formal Schooling, children who do not attend school regularly have lower IQs than children who attend school on a regular basis


neurological efficiency

Twin Studies, study found that twins have similar IQs

Adoption Studies, study found twins raised in different homes still had similar IQs