A Tour of Shakespeare's World

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A Tour of Shakespeare's World by Mind Map: A Tour of Shakespeare's World

1. YouTube Video: Shakespeare-Birth and Schooling

2. YouTube Video: Stratford-upon-avon, the home of William Shakespeare

3. YouTube Video: Shakespeare's Early Years in London

4. Elizabethan Theatre

4.1. Tour the Globe Theatre

4.2. YouTube Video: Globe Theatre

4.3. Shakespeare's Audience

5. The Life of William Shakespeare

5.1. Timeline

5.1.1. Shakespeare's Will

6. Shakespeare's Writing

6.1. Shakespeare's Bookshelf

6.2. Chronology of Work

7. Macbeth

7.1. The Witches in Macbeth

7.2. The Historical Context of Macbeth

7.3. Ghosts, Witches and Shakespeare

7.4. BBC Shakespeare Unlocked: Macbeth