AVS missions

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AVS missions by Mind Map: AVS missions

1. Accompany students in the act of everyday life

1.1. by ensuring their conditions of safety and comfort

1.2. by helping to the essential acts of life

1.2.1. dressing

1.2.2. help with toilet

1.2.3. taking meals...

1.3. promoting their mobility

1.3.1. material installation

1.3.2. travel

2. Support for students in accessing learning activities

2.1. recalling instructions

2.2. facilitating communication with the peers

2.3. assisting them in the writing activity

2.4. adapting activities to their abilities

3. Support for the socialization of the student

3.1. promoting his participation in the life of the class

3.2. promoting his interactions with his environment

4. Accompany students during extracurricular activities

4.1. canteen

4.2. school outings

4.3. swimming pool