The Water Cycle

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The Water Cycle by Mind Map: The Water Cycle

1. Evaporation

1.1. The act of water turning into vapor (liquid to gas).

1.2. Ex: Sweat drying

2. Condensation

2.1. Water vapor cooling down, returning to it's liquid state.

2.2. Ex: Morning dew

3. Precipitation

3.1. Liquid being excreted from the clouds, after they have become full.

3.2. Ex: Water, snow.

4. Collection Of Water

4.1. Surface Water

4.1.1. Water found on the surface of the Earth.

4.2. Ground Water

4.2.1. Water found under ground, below the surface of the Earth.

4.3. Spring Run-off: The Difference Between Surface Water and Ground Water - Residential Water and Wastewater

5. Run off Water

5.1. Water that accumulates after rain, or something melting.

5.2. Ex: When snow melts and creates a small puddle.

6. Atmosphere

6.1. Where the water cycle takes place, inside the bubble of gases that we live under.

6.2. Water travels through the atmosphere during the water cycle, moving from ground through the air, to clouds, and back again.

6.3. Water in the Atmosphere, the Water Cycle, from USGS Water-Science School

7. Humidity

7.1. The amount of water vapor present in the air.

8. Clouds

8.1. Where water is stored after being evaporated back into the air.

8.2. There are many types of clouds, all serving a different function.