Products under Sandeep Siddhu

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Products under Sandeep Siddhu by Mind Map: Products under  Sandeep Siddhu

1. RR_Attendance

1.1. Arijit Kar

1.1.1. Testing Android Testing iOS Testing InfoSec Assessment

1.1.2. Co-ordination with TOPS KT to TOPS CAB Review

1.2. Sandeep Siddhu

1.2.1. Privacy Policy

2. LBS PLatform v2.7.2

2.1. Laxmi Rajani

2.1.1. TOPS Concerns

2.1.2. Release Notes Service ID issue Elastic search functionality

2.1.3. LCS testing 5 Locations Documents

2.2. LBS Handover

2.2.1. Aditya Chaudhari

2.2.2. Rajshekhar Reddy

2.3. LBS Platform v2.7.1.46

2.3.1. Get POI response time issue

2.3.2. GSMA One Read Time-out issue (TOPS Concerns)

2.3.3. Souravmay Das RCA for Defects: 561535 561585

3. mAttendance

3.1. Gauri Kelkar

3.1.1. Co-ordination with TOPS KT to TOPS Deployment DOCs Review CAB Review

3.1.2. HP RUM re-instrumentation Zip-Aligned file to Google Play Store Team

3.2. Manasi Divekar

3.2.1. Bug Fix in ST: Invalid OTP accepted by system in iOS Testing

4. Jio mHere+ (alpha)

4.1. Nitin Bali & Rupali Yadav

4.1.1. I Agree to be handled properly should not appear once accepted by user

4.1.2. Show Network location only, not required to show GPS location

4.2. Botla Rajshekhar

4.2.1. User/Employee onboarding by Account admin via Admin portal

4.2.2. Enterprise Onboarding through backend or through Admin UI from Excel Upload

4.3. Ahmad Usmani

4.3.1. External-Callback API for subscription engine to update subscribed plan details

4.4. Aasim Bairagdar

4.4.1. UI/UX completion for Web

4.4.2. UI/UX completion for Mobile

4.5. Amit Dhankhar

4.5.1. Bill Of Material

5. SLP mHere

5.1. PlayStore User ID's