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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. Friends: Friends can be really helpful when trying to get a job because they may know of an opening somewhere or maybe they know someone at your future workplace that could put in a good word.

2. Parents: My parents are helpful when I'm looking for a job as they have many experiences in their workplaces that they have told me to help me get a better understanding of workplace etiquette. My dad being a manager, has looked at many resumes and helped me develop mine.

3. Friends parents: My best friends parents have many connections with people in the community and they would be able to get me a job shadow somewhere that I might be interested in working.

4. Mr Ellis: My old teacher Mr. Ellis was one of my favourite teachers in middle school and I used him as a reference on my resume. He was my planning teacher so he helped me with my presentation of learning for grade nine which helped me know what I wanted to do in highschool and eventually go into after highschool.

5. My Sister's boyfriends parents: My sister's boyfriend Logan has two younger brothers that I babysit quite often throughout the summer and school year. His parents always ask me because they know that I am responsible and I can take good care of their kids. They could help me get a job by recommending me to someone or be my reference as a previous employer.

6. My dentist: My dentist is really kind and I have mentioned wanting to explore dentistry to her before and I'm sure she would be able to help me find a job shadow or talk to me about my options for after highschool.

7. Mr. Buna: Mr. Buna is a teacher sponsor of mine for curling and he is always supporting me in all of my curling tournaments. He has many contacts throughout the school district that could help me find a suitable career path.

8. My family friend Bliss: He has mentioned to me that I am welcome to come stay at their house in Calgary if I wanted to work at the stampede in the summer.

9. Sister: My sister works at the Keg as a server and always talks about her positive workplace which has made me want to work there when I am older. She has always told me that she would be happy to recommend me to her boss when I am old enough to serve.

10. Coaches: My coach is a great reference when trying to get a job because he knows how hard I work at my goals and he can put in a good word to an employer about my work ethic.

11. Teacher: Mr. Triggs, My Rec. Leadership teacher Mr. Triggs could be helpful as a reference when I am trying to get a job because I know that he would give me a good reference because I work very hard in his class and I am always up to help any event that we put on.

12. My neighbor: My neighbor Melodie owns a dance studio and she has done many events throughout the community. She knows many business owners in Kelowna and I babysit her daughters very often so I know that she would help me find a career in Kelowna.

13. Curling Club Manager: Jock the Kelowna Curling Club Manager knows me very well because I am always at the curling club and he always supports my curling teams. He has many contacts throughout the community which I'm sure he could recommend me to.

14. My family doctor: My family doctor could help me with a job shadow in the future because along with dentistry, I also am interested in medical studies for post secondary and what kind of jobs I could get in that field.

15. My mom's close friends Jill and Martin: I have also babysat for their grandchildren and I have helped my family house sit for them before so I know that they would be happy to give me a recommendation or reverence letter.