Brooklynn Larusson

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Brooklynn Larusson by Mind Map: Brooklynn Larusson

1. Mom and Dad: Have experience and knowledge. Can give me guidance and help me get on the right track.

1.1. Relatives (Auntie, Uncle, Cousins): Have a lot of work experience, my Auntie is a social worker so she has the ability to guide me through finding a good job and help me with people skills.

1.1.1. Family Friends (Neighbors): General work experience and knowledge. They have connections in the community that can be valuable in helping me find a job.

1.1.2. Relatives Coworkers: Further connections in the community and they know more people outside of the people that I already know.

2. Friends (Olivia, Brooke, McKenzie, Tatum): They have all had jobs in the past and McKenzie helped me obtain my current job at McDonald's.

2.1. Friends of Friends: More connections in the community

2.2. Coworkers: Previous job experience that could be helpful to me. They could also help me get a new job by recommending me to their previous employers.

3. Friends from School: They all have different jobs and experience that could help me find a job. They could know a place that is hiring or a place that i would be interested in.

3.1. Teachers (Ms. Nicol): My planning teacher has a lot of connections in the community and she has great knowledge of jobs that I could potentially be interested in.

3.1.1. Councillors (Mrs. Curran): She is a very helpful person and she will help me look for a job and set me up so I have the best ability to find a new job or put in a good word for me through her connections around Kelowna because she knows me personally.

4. My Brother: He is a couple years older than me so he has the ability to help me through finding a job at my age because he just went through all of the trouble recently.

4.1. Brother's Friends: More connections in the community that could be helpful, my brother's friends are a good way to get my name around and find a job that will be a perfect fit for me,

5. My Boyfriend (Tyler): He works as a photographer. So he knows a lot of people including his best friend Matt. He also knows a lot of people in the community and clients he has worked with.

5.1. Boyfriend's Friends (Matt and Kevin): They know a lot of people around Kelowna and they have many connections around Kelowna as well that could be helpful in finding me a job.