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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My Siblings my older brothers especially have been in many jobs and have gotten me into jobs before and have connections with many employers

2. My Previous co Workers have had many jobs to and could be references for me and get me into different jobs

3. My Parents have been in the town for a long time and have connections so they could be references and help me get a job

4. My Friends they have connections around town with thier employers and could help me get a job

5. My Uncle johnny has his own buisness and has lots of connections with employers around canada could reference for me to get a job

6. My teachers have connections in the industry and could reference me for different jobs depending on the job i am applying for

7. My Previous Boss Ricardo he has connections in the restaurant industry and could reference to other employers how i was as a employee

8. My Neighbors have connections to many jobs and could reference for me

9. the owner of the cactus club in kelowna my older brothers work there and have connections and i have received an offer to work there so he can get me a job

10. the chef at liso libella my brothers worked for him before so they have connections to them and he could offer me a job if i applied

11. The owner of Arcadia in kelowna if i wanted to get a job in a the gaming industry i could apply her to get me into the buisness and start a job in vr and gaming