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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. Konquers is a motorcycle and custom hot rod shop i could talk to the owner and maybe get a job shadow for a day.

2. A counselor at my school could help me with job options.

3. A professor at university in criminal justice could help me with course set up.

4. A mechanic is a job i am also interested in so talking to a mechanic could also help me.

5. A police officer is a job that i am interested in and talking to a police officer could help me.

6. My sisters boyfriend Charley could help me with techniques on presenting my self at an interview.

7. My Neighbor Darren can get me a job in construction we have already talked about this opportunity and the offer still stands.

8. Mr. Meraw, he works at our school he is a teacher/ counselor. He knows a lot about the jobs and post secondary.

9. My dads friend bill has his own monster truck racing business. I could work with him over the summer.

10. Antony's dad Daniel works doing construction i could talk to him about a job in that area.

11. My friends Antony and Garrett both work for Antonys dad doing constuction i could get a job woking for him and make some good money early.

12. My Dad Marvin has lots of freinds with businesses that are looking to hire. my dad is working at a custom hot rod and motorcycle shop which would help me in that line of work.

13. My Mom Sherri she helped me out with building me out with building my resume and she works in sales so she could help me find where to start in that line of work.

14. My Sister Mackenzie she had a good job working at the pizza place making some pretty good money so if i wanted to start there she could help me get that opportunity.

15. My Sister Shawnee has lots of knowledge in the social media are she could help me finding a job online.