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morality by Mind Map: morality

1. who

1.1. who has the most morality in this story

1.2. who shows no morality

1.3. which characters morality makes the story

1.4. who is the kindest in this story

2. what

2.1. what is morality

2.2. what does morality mean in this story

2.3. what characters does morality have to do with this story

3. when

3.1. when is each characters morality shown in this story

3.2. when does each character show their morality

4. where

4.1. where is morality shown in the story

4.2. where does morality meet the moral of the story

5. why

5.1. why does atum show morality to the other gods

5.2. why is atum kind to the other gods instead of being a dictator

5.3. why do the gods not kill each other and take over

5.4. why is morality important

6. how

6.1. how does morality effect the story line.

6.2. how does morality make each characters character

6.3. how is morality shown in this story

6.4. how does morality make or break the story

6.5. how is morality shown differently in each creation story