question on archetype`s

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question on archetype`s by Mind Map: question on archetype`s

1. what

1.1. what task did the humans have?

2. what

2.1. what were ymirs evil acts?

3. where

3.1. where did the cow come from

4. what

4.1. what is Midgard

5. who

5.1. who did the spells?

6. how

6.1. how was Yggdrasil made

7. what

7.1. what did ymirs sisters do to take revenge on the gods who killed him

8. why

8.1. why did odin and the other gods slew ymir?

9. what

9.1. what was odin satisfied with

10. what

10.1. what did odin give to the first man and women he formed

11. who

11.1. who wasn't pleased with odins work?

12. why

12.1. why wasn't everyone pleased with odins work?

13. what

13.1. what was so powerful that odin couldn't change?

14. what

14.1. what did humans know in their world?

15. who

15.1. who was the king of all gods

16. how

16.1. how tall was the yggdrasil

17. how

17.1. how did ymir get larger

18. when

18.1. when was human life filled with twists and turns?

19. how

19.1. how did humans know death and suffering?

20. how

20.1. how was the sky made