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Characters by Mind Map: Characters

1. Who

1.1. Who do you think created Nu or what was before Nu?

1.2. Who were the first people on earth , it said in the myth they were men so how did they populate the earth?

2. What

2.1. What was the reason Shu and Tefnut created other gods even before humans were made?

2.2. What would you say is the most powerful character?

2.3. What would Atum think of humans, he did not create them on purpose so what use would we be for him?

2.4. What about dinosaurs were they not created before humans?

3. Where

3.1. Where was Atum, was he roming the emptyness of the Nu?

3.2. Where was Atum going before everything, was he just roaming around the emptiness of the Nu?

3.3. Where did Atum think his kids go, should he be worried when he has the all seeing eye?

4. Why

4.1. Why would Atum create kids in the first place, was it for his loneliness

4.2. Why was humans tasked to worship god when they were created by accident?

4.3. Why did Tefnut and Shu leave in the first place couldn't they have just stayed with Atum?

5. When

5.1. When did Atum decide to make kids, for how long was he alone for?

5.2. When did Shu and Tefnut leave, as soon as they were born?

6. How

6.1. How would you explain Atum joining his shadow to create kids?

6.2. How would the humans know about the gods?

6.3. How did Nu come to be, what was before the chaos?

6.4. How did the Tefnut and shu born from Atums mouth, were they developing in Atums stomach?

6.5. How long was Tefnut and Shu gone for, for Atum to cry when he sees them?

6.6. How long where Shu and Tefnut developing for, or did they come out fully grown?