Teaching the four skills to young learners

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Teaching the four skills to young learners by Mind Map: Teaching the four skills to young learners

1. Speaking

1.1. It’s very important to give confidence to the student while speaking because this skill is a productive skill, therefore some found it quite difficult.

1.1.1. Activities Speaking activities •Interview puppets •speak in the voice of the special friend •throw a ball and when the child receives it say something in english Storytelling We can help young learners becoming good storytellers by: scaffolding by ask them things as “who is in the story?” Using drama and playacting Act out situations using language they have been learning, roleplay, create scenes and modifying old stories.

2. Listening

2.1. If we want young learners to use the foreign language they are learning they have to listen to it first,

2.1.1. Activities Listen and do This activities makes the children involve physical activities, we give them instructions such to color something or bring something Listen for the information This activities more cognitive, we can describe a picture and make a mistake and the children have to find the mistake, or we can give a map, and they have to discover where we went yesterday in order of what we describe Stories We can read to children focusing in making it dramatic, enthusiastic an interesting, we can make a reading circle to achieve this.

3. Reading

4. Writing