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Tornados! by Mind Map: Tornados!

1. can happen whenever, but typically in stormy spring when the air is unstable

2. What are they?

2.1. violent and destructive storm

2.2. powerful winds rotate in a funnel shaped cloud around a central point

3. How do tornados form?

3.1. when warm air and cold air meet, the air becomes unstable.

3.2. Warm air rises and cool air falls, so as it begins to meet, it pushes the wind in different directions, which makes vertical columns of wind

4. What damage can a tornado do?

4.1. can destroy buildings, uproot trees, or throw cars around

5. Where should you go if you encounter a tornado?

5.1. Indoors: the lowest level of the house with a room with no windows

5.2. Outdoors: get down in a ditch or other low areas to seek shelter

6. How long does a tornado last?

6.1. Typically a tornado lasts no longer than 10 minutes, but in rare cases, it could last up to an hour!

7. What is the wind speed of a tornado?

7.1. 110 to 300 mph!

8. When do tornados occur?