Types of Validity

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Types of Validity by Mind Map: Types of Validity

1. Predictive Validity

1.1. This evidence refers to how well the test predicts some future behavior of the examinees Predictive validity evidence is a test is determined by administering the test to a group of subjects them measuring the subjects on whatever the test is susposed to predict after a period of time has gone by.

2. Content Validity

2.1. The validity evidence for a test is established by inspecting test questions to see whether they correspond to what the user decides should be covered by the test.

3. Concurrent Criterion Validity

3.1. Measures that can be administered at the same time as the measure to be validated. Concurrent validity evidence for a test is determined by administering both the new test and established test to a group of respondents.

4. Criterion-related Validity

4.1. scores from a test are correlated with an external criterion. Two types concurrent and predictive.