Classic Approaches

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Classic Approaches by Mind Map: Classic Approaches

1. Grammar Translation

1.1. The goal of which may be to read literature in its original form or simply to be a form of intellectual development.

1.2. Replaced world-wide by the fun and motivation of the communicative classroom.

1.2.1. Principles

1.3. The method is very much based on the written word and texts are widely in evidence. 

1.4. Became the system used to teach dead languages like Latin (and Greek) for an academic and intellectual function.

2. Direct Method

2.1. What are the goals of the Direct Method?  

2.1.1. ► to communicate in the target language

2.1.2. ► to think in the target language

2.2. What are the roles between the teacher and the students?     

2.2.1. ► Partners

2.2.2. ► Students are more active (than GTM) Principles

2.3. What are some characteristics of teaching/learning process?

2.3.1. ► Demonstrate the meaning by using realia, pictures, or gesture (no explain or translate)

2.3.2. ► the syllabus is based on situations or topics. ( as if students were in real situations)

2.3.3. ► Grammar is taught inductively, no explicit grammar.

3. Audio-lingual Method

3.1. 1-Language learning works best with a context.

3.2. 2-Try not to mix the L1 and L2 so interference does not occur.

3.3. 3-Teachers are used as role models for the language. Students will mimic the correct form.

3.4. 4- Language learning is habit. Repeat and drill often.

3.5. 5- Students learn to answer automatically, without thinking first.