Approaches in Language Teaching

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Approaches in Language Teaching by Mind Map: Approaches in Language Teaching

1. Grammar-Translation Method

1.1. Is a way of studying a language through detailed analysis of its grammar rules and application of the knowledge to the task of translating sentences and texts.

1.2. Characteristics:

1.2.1. -The students´ native language is the medium of instruction.

1.3. -Reading and writing are the major focus.

1.3.1. -Grammar is taught deductively.

1.4. Techniques:

1.5. -Translation of a literary passage

1.6. -Cognates

1.7. -Antonyms/synonyms

2. Direct Method

2.1. Foreing language could be taught without translation or the use of the learner's native tongue if meaning was conveyed directly through demonstration and action.

2.2. Characteristics:

2.2.1. -Classroom instruction was conducted exclusively in the target language.

2.3. -Grammar is taught inductively.

2.3.1. - -Correct pronunciation and grammar were emphasized.

2.4. Techniques:

2.5. -Reading aloud

2.6. -Question and answer

2.7. -Student self-correction

3. Audio-Lingual Method

3.1. The language was taugh by systematic attention to pronunciation and by intensive oral drilling of its basic sentence patterns.

3.2. Characteristics:

3.2.1. -Pattern practice was a basic classroom technique.

3.3. -Great importance is attached to pronunciation.

3.3.1. There's little or no grammatical explanation.

3.4. Techniques:

3.5. -Dialog memorization

3.6. -Repetion drill

3.7. -Chain drill