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Values by Mind Map: Values

1. Who

1.1. Who do you think had the most amount of power other than Tane? Explain why.

1.2. Who showed the most power out of all the children? Explain.

1.3. What value did Tūmātauenga show

2. What

2.1. What was one of the core values in the story? Why?

2.2. What values were not shown throughout the myth?

2.3. What value did each character have in common

3. Where

3.1. Where was most of the values shown in the story? Why do you think so?

3.2. Where did the least amount Of values shown?

3.3. Where was creativity shown

4. When

4.1. When was power shown?

4.2. When was friendship and companionship shown?

4.3. When was beauty shown

4.4. Was moral judgement shown? If yes, when

5. Why

5.1. why is friendship and companionship such an important value in the myth

5.2. Why are the values important

6. How

6.1. How was friendship and companionship shown in the myth?

6.2. How did values affect the story

6.3. How would the story be affected if the power value was not included

6.4. How was helping others shown in the story?

6.5. Was security shown? If yes, how? If no, how?