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WI State Symbols by Mind Map: WI State Symbols
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WI State Symbols

These are the Wisconsin State Symbols on our state flag. On our flag our motto reads "Forward." Do you think we are moving ahead?

Bird: Robin

A great blue heron always fishes from our dock. What birds have you seen through binoculars?

Mammal: Wild

White-Tailed Deer


Fish: Muskie

Do you ever go fishing? Which is better...catching, cleaning, or eating the fish? Did you like sitting in the boat with your mom and dad the most?

Mammal: Domesticated

American Water Spaniel

Dairy Cow

Insect: Honey Bee

Some people think that the state insect should be a mosquito? Do you know why bees are important? Is there an insect that is important to you?

Tree: Sugar Maple

This artwork is by William Bartram who lived in PA. He was a son of naturalist. Do you think you are a naturalist?

Flower: Wood Violet

I drew this picture of a wood violet because I enjoyed seeing them hiking. What do you do outside in WI. Are you usually in the city or country?