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Feedback form by Mind Map: Feedback form

1. Suggestions

1.1. Does the program fulfill its promises?

2. Questions

2.1. Useful for everyone

2.1.1. Age Bracket

2.1.2. As you play the game, is it clear how you navigate through the software?

2.1.3. On a scale of 1/10 how do you rate the software (1 being low- 10 being high)

2.1.4. How could the software be improved?

2.1.5. What are some features that could be improved?

2.1.6. Any other comments:

2.1.7. Did you notice any problems with the software

2.1.8. Is the software interface easy to use?

2.1.9. How useful is the help screen?

2.2. possible

2.2.1. Gender

2.3. Discard

2.4. Games

2.4.1. Do you like the progress monitoring (scoring, health, ammo)?

2.4.2. Is the game enjoyable?

2.4.3. Is the game challenging enough for you?

3. Access

3.1. Google Form

3.1.1. Google Doc

3.2. SurveyMonkey

4. Feedback

4.1. New node

4.2. results in blog