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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My Mom Tania: She is very supportive in everything I choose to do, drives me everywhere I need to be and comes to every competition I have. My mom can help me by staying the supportive mom she is.

2. My Dad Chris: He is very supportive in what ever I choose to do and always tells me to set my goals high in life which can help me for my future.

3. My sister Brea: We are very close because both of us have a passion for dance and she can help me if I need advice on dances and vise versa.

4. My Grandparents Len and Deb: I have been close with my grandma and grandpa ever since I was young; they come to all my games and competitions. By giving me advice from their past experiences and helping me set my goals will help me in the future.

5. My friends Jade, Rachel and Hailey: My friends and I are all on the RSS Company dance team and I feel it has made us closer than before the start of the year. They can help me by being supportive and understanding.

6. My Teacher Mrs. Skogsdad: She is a teacher I can talk to about anything if I am having a bad day or a problem. Skogs can help me by staying the supportive teacher she is.

7. My Neighbor Kelly: I have known Kelly for 6 years and we have gotten to know each other pretty well over the years. She enjoys coming to watch me dance and is a very nice, humble person. By supporting me in dance it can help me strive for my goals as a dancer.

8. My Auntie Sherry: My aunt is a nurse at Kelowna General Hospital and could tell me anything I want to know about being a nurse if I am interested.

9. Danny Beaton- Firefighter : Danny is my cousins uncle who works at the Kelowna Fire Department. He can help me by telling me how I can become a firefighter in the future if I decide to go in that career direction.

10. Mr. Charland-My counsellor : He can help me with my courses needed in the future and the different career options I have.

11. Dr. Gordon-Veterinarian : I have considered becoming a veterinarian because I love animals and the science behind it. Having the opportunity to job shadow a veterinarian would be a helpful, life changing experience for me in so many ways.

12. Dr. Docorty- Doctor : She is my family doctor who can help me by telling me the qualifications needed to become a doctor and if I would enjoy being one.

13. Dr. Graham-Physiotherapist : I am interested in becoming a physiotherapist after high school and having the opportunity to job shadowing a physiotherapist would help me in knowing if the health sciences is the correct field to study in university.

14. My family/friends Jayson and Donnalee: Jayson and Donnalee have known me since I was born and are two of the nicest people I know. They can help me by seeing if anyone they know is hiring because they know the type of person I am and know a lot of people around Kelowna.

15. My Neighbor Jake: I have known Jake for 6 years and we have gotten to know each other fairly well. Jake always gives me advice on how to get scholarships and achieve my goals in school. It gives me a different perspective on how to achieve what I want in life which helps me in so many ways.