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my network by Mind Map: my network

1. my parents; they could help me look for a job

2. my aunt/uncles; my aunt/uncle work on construction site and the stock broker office

3. sister; she has a lot friends she could probably ask for a job for me

4. teachers;iam interested in teaching they could give me tips on how to do it right

5. councillors; help me by showing me the options and what i would need to learn

6. bestfriends;they work at mcdonalds and walmart

7. family friend; my father and mom have many friends so they could introduce/recommend me to their colleagues if i ask

8. friends siblings; they could ask around for me

9. co-workers;they could introduce/recommend me to their colleagues

10. bosses;they could introduce/recommend me to their colleagues

11. girlfriend parents;they like me and they are police officers they could tell me what i need to do to get in the force

12. girlfriend brother;we are great friends so i could ask him for a job at his store

13. grandparents; i could work on their farm and get experience on working on the feilds

14. friends; they work in the mall they could talk to their boss and get me a job

15. cousins; work overseas they could get me a job for the summer.