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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My Mom Cheryl She works at a orthodontics office. Considering I want to be a orthodontist when im older I could job shadow her boss and learn the ways of the business world

2. My Coach Mr Dorf He is a Career Councilor and knows alot about salary. Plus what jobs are fun.

3. My former Boss Mr Price He was my boss for firefighting and knows a lot of people in that business. If i ever wanted another job I would talk to him.

4. My Teacher Mr Stregger I worked fire fighting with him and we are very close. He could help me get a job in education.

5. My Friends (Mackenzie,Brenden,Gabe) They can help me meet new people and they are in the workforce. They always support me.

6. My Sister Madison Works for Cactus Club HR and could help get me started in the restaurant business

7. My Dad Jeff Knows alot of people in the workforce could help get my name so has alot of connections to the hidden job market.

8. Ms Voykin Counselor She knows about what i want to do when I am older she has lots of connections

9. My Neighbor Dave He works for the city so he would be a great way to get a job since he is a manager.

10. Teacher Mr Werry He is fun guy who has experience in the work field. Could help me find work in construction.

11. Kaylee Physiotherapist I want to work with the human body and she could help me get into the business

12. Dr Mulgrew Is an orthodontist and is my plan A. If I met dr Mulgrew he could teach me about the job and get me into the industry.

13. Dr Ketch Being a doctor is one of my job options. I feel like he could tell me about the ins and outs and struggles with being a doctor.

14. Lebron James He is my Idol I have watched him play since I was a little kid.

15. Marco Land surveyor This job is very valued and is something I am looking into when I am older. If i met Marco he could tell me more about the job.