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Jio mHere + (alpha) by Mind Map: Jio mHere + (alpha)

1. 1. Project Resources

1.1. Head of Department: Gaurav Verma

1.1.1. Sandeep Siddhu Program Management Committee Karthik Krishnan Anuroop Sahu Product Management Committee Gaurav Puranik Sandeep Siddhu Product Delivery Committee Pankaj Kumar Sandeep Siddhu Amit Dhankhar Gaurav Puranik Engineering Committee Amit Dhankhar Quality Assurance Committee Pankaj Kumar

2. 3. Quality Assurance

2.1. Internal Testing

2.1.1. Arijit Kar API Specification Documents Test Cases Release Notes

2.2. Rancore Testing

2.2.1. Rancore Certification Shweta Mahindra

2.2.2. App Submission Jio mHere + (alpha) Team

2.2.3. Bond Certification Abhijeet Birje

2.2.4. ISG Certification Ravi Burlagadda

2.2.5. App Submission Review Parag Mehta

2.2.6. App submission by Dev Team Sandeep Siddhu, Gaurav Puranik

2.2.7. Pre-App Store Review Amit Maini

2.2.8. Publish to Jio Store Amit Maini

3. 2. Progress Control

3.1. WEB

3.1.1. API Ahmad Usmani Internal- Check In/Out Internal- Authorisation of User External-Callback API for subscription engine to update subscribed plan details GSMA One API for ST build review

3.1.2. Map/Data Visualisation Santosh Bhor Display Filtered data as Cluster Map/ Heat Map /Location Map Tabular view for check In/Out of an individual MSISDN Data filtration on MSISDN/Location/Duration Botla Rajasekhar Chart Display and its linkage to mapview

3.1.3. Features Manasi Divekar OTP Verification for Mobile & Web

3.1.4. Logging Ahmad Usmai Device details for each request to be part of logs for further analysis Request/Response Log Capture with success/failure and time stamp

3.1.5. Reports

3.1.6. TOPS View Botla Rajasekhar Enterprise Onboarding through backend or through Admin UI from Excel Upload Admin UI to manage work location by Account Admin Add/modify user other than import option User/Employee onboarding by Account admin via Admin portal Botla Rajasekhar Attendance Data export as CSV for 1 week data Shibin Alva, Keerthi Kumar

3.2. Design Readiness

3.2.1. UI/UX for WEB

3.2.2. UI/UX for Mobile Android Jio Phone iOS

3.3. Development

3.3.1. Mobile Android Jio Phone Nitin Bali, Rupali Yadav iOS Alok Kumar

3.4. Server Readiness

3.4.1. Fahad Ansari Commisioning of mHere+ servers Recommision of Jio mHere + IGF Form [Sol. Doc, Design Doc, Sizing Details] Tops View to manage all enterprise data

3.5. Known Issues

3.5.1. Ahmad Usmani, Nitin Bali Encryption/decryption All APIs at Server end and Jio Phone.

3.6. Documents

3.6.1. Ahmad Sumani HLD (Call Flows, DB Design Schema)

3.6.2. Gaurav Puranik FAQ for Jio Phone, Android, iOS PRD (Product Requirement Document)

3.6.3. Amit Dhankhar HLD (Architecture Diagram)

3.6.4. Aasim Bairagdar Information Architecture Mock-ups and Style Guide

3.7. Deployment

3.7.1. Ahmad Usmani

3.7.2. Arijit Kar

4. 4. Co-ordination with TOPS

4.1. PROD Deployment

4.1.1. KT to TOPS Vivek Jain

4.1.2. CAB Review Pankaj Kumar Sandeep Siddhu

4.1.3. RR Approval Karthik Krishnan Anuroop Sahu

4.2. REPLICA Deployment

4.2.1. KT to TOPS Vivek Jain

4.2.2. CAB Review Pankaj Kumar Sandeep Siddhu

4.2.3. RR Approval Karthik Krishnan Anuroop Sahu