Circulatory System

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Circulatory System by Mind Map: Circulatory System

1. Blood Vessels

1.1. veins

1.2. arteries

1.3. venules

1.4. arterioles

2. Lungs

2.1. Physical Structure

2.1.1. thoracic cavity

2.1.2. bronchioles

2.1.3. alveolar duct

2.1.4. alveolar sacs

2.1.5. trachea

2.2. Mechanism

2.2.1. respiratory muscles diaphrgam inhale exhale intercostal muscle inhale exhale

2.2.2. gas exchanges alveoli partial pressure diffusion blood capillaries transportation

2.2.3. Transition inhalation and exhalation respiratory centres chemoreceptors medulla oblongata central nervous system

3. Heart

3.1. Physical Structure

3.1.1. atria

3.1.2. ventricle

3.1.3. valves sound

3.1.4. septum

3.2. Mechanism

3.2.1. impulse SA node AV node

3.2.2. systole atria contract ventricle contract

3.2.3. diastole ventricle relax atria relax

3.2.4. cardiac cycle events the flow of blood systemic circulation pulmonary cirulation ECG graph electrical activity of heart